Tri Newbie Info

Welcome to your first triathlon! We hope you have an enjoyable experience. Remember, participating in, and completing, your first triathlon is a great accomplishment. Pay attention to YOU. There are athletes, with a wide range of abilities and seriousness participating. You’ll have athletes competing for fun, and you’ll have athletes competing to get the best possible time and finish. Just focus on yourself. Listed below are some things that may help you on race day. 
1. Get to the event approximately 45 minutes before your wave is expected to start. The waves can start earlier than what is written. 
2. Review the course maps before the race. Routes are clearly marked but it helps to get a general idea of the route. Please ask volunteers questions – they will be glad to help. 
3. Bring clothing for all types of weather. 
4. Stretch out before you begin. 
5. Drink water! Drink Water! Drink Water! This is extremely important. The easiest way to get fatigued, while exercising, is not replenishing your energy system. Even when you don’t feel thirsty, DRINK! When water is offered, take it. 
6. If you have longer hair, you will want to put it up. During the swim, wear a cap, so it doesn’t fall into your eyes. 
7. The weather will determine what you wear after the swim. If it is cold, you may want to get completely out of the suit. The locker rooms are off of the pool deck. If it is warm, you can just throw clothing on over the suit and exit the back door of the pool (the experienced, very serious, competitor will race the entire event in minimal clothing, no matter what the weather). 
8. If you haven’t had your bike tuned up recently, get it done before the triathlon. 
9. Have a water bottle on your bike, so you can drink throughout the route. 
10. If you need to pass someone, do it quickly. If someone needs to pass you, let them. Don’t block their pass, by picking up speed. 
11. When you get off of your bike and start to run, your legs will feel like jello. It will take a short time to get rid of that sensation. 
12. After you finish the race, DRINK WATER, WALK around and STRETCH. Do NOT sit. You will tighten up very quickly. 
13. is a great website for more information. GOOD LUCK!

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