Race Rules

Triathlon Race Rules and Reminders

1. Please remember your helmet - Helmets are MANDATORY! You will not be allowed to leave the bike area without a helmet. 


*Registration tables will be clearly marked and located outside the main entrance to Waterloo High School Pool.
*Registration begins at 6 a.m.
*No parking will be allowed in the high school parking lot or Anna Street, but ample parking is available in the elementary parking lot and other residential streets.
*You will receive your bib number, timing chip, goodie bag, race program and t-shirt.
*Registration workers will write your race number on your thigh and upper arms. Your race number must be written in marker on your upper arms and toward the outside of your mid to lower thighs to enter the transition area to place your bike.

*Questions and Concerns: Event workers will all be wearing bright orange vests and t-shirts and will be glad to help you.

3. Transition area will be located in the right hand corner of the lot - all on a flat grassy area. The kids and the adults are separated so as not to interfere with each other.
*Each bike rack will have designated race numbers. Place your bike on the rack that includes your race number.

4. Please listen for wave start times. They can run earlier than what is listed. Announcements for the wave starts will be made, so please listen carefully.
*Athletes can rest on the pool bleachers, or in the high school gym nearby.
*Be in the pool area 20 to 30 minutes before what is written on the wave start list.

*Any foul language directed at a volunteer, is an automatic DQ.*

5. Locker Rooms & Restrooms: Locker rooms are inside the pool lobby and exit into the pool. Restrooms are available in the locker room, in the pool lobby and through the main entrance to the high school - they will be clearly marked.

6. Many of the event staff will be wearing bright orange vests and will be very glad to help!


The RACE COURSE will be clearly marked with custom printed signs, orange spray paint, green flags, and caution tape. Event staff will be throughout courses to assist participants. You should be familiar with the race course BEFORE the day of the race. We will not be solely responsible if you get lost on the race course. Maps are provided on our FB page and website/blog.

WATERLOO EMS will be on site with an ambulance. If you need medical assistance on the course alert event staff - all will have cell phones or walkie talkies.

AID STATIONS will be at the finish line, outside the transition area, the kids one mile run and on the 3 mile adult run/4 mile kids bike course. Water and Gatorade will be available.

MEDICAL TENT will be available near the finish line.

RESULTS will be posted throughout the event on the back of the building, and also at www.timingiseverything.com and www.watfitcitytri.blogspot.com and our Facebook page.


*Stay to the right on all courses.

*Go through all timing checkpoints.

*During your race, you MUST enter the transition area through the timing checkpoints (they will be marked!)

*Do NOT cut any of the courses. This will end in disqualification. You may NOT start over.

*Bikers MUST have their helmets on, from the time they remove their bike, to the time they put it back on the rack. You will not be allowed out of the transition area until your helmet is on.

*No drafting on the bike route.

*Team exchanges will take place at the bike rack. Teams wear a button, which will be handed off to the next team member.

*All runners MUST wear their paper race numbers on the front. You will not be allowed out of the transition area, if it is not visible.

**Return timing chip to volunteer as you exit the finish chute.**


*Please enter the pool area through the High School main entrance doors immediately behind the registration area. Follow signs from there to pool, locker rooms, gym and spectator seating. Spectators will then exit at the back of the pool area.

1. As Athletes enter the pool area they should check-in at the pool office window by telling them your name. (window is clearly marked). We don't want to hold up the start of a wave for someone who may be absent.

2. Caps, goggles, and bodysuits are optional.

3. You can swim any stroke.

4. Rest at the wall and in a corner of the lane, so you don't block the other swimmers.

5. You may put your shoes and clothing behind your lane.

6. You may go into the locker room to completely change clothing or you may put clothes on after you exit the water. Some athletes choose to get dressed at their bikes.

7. Items left on the deck after an entire wave exits the pool will be placed in a box, located near the finish line.**We are not responsible for your items, so please have them in a marked bag.**


**This is a 6 lane, 25-yard pool with lane markers.**
**Be in the pool area 20 to 30 minutes before what is written on the wave start list.**

1. You will be assigned a wave number and then a letter A,B,C. The A,B,C is for the 3 people in each lane.

2. Swimmer “A” will start, followed 10 seconds later by B, followed 10 seconds later by C.

3. Each person will start in the water.

4. Group starts are different for Adults' and Kids' races.

---Groups will start as lanes open up. We will not wait for all 6 lanes to clear.

---All athletes will start together by wave and the next wave will not start until ALL lanes are cleared.

**LISTEN CLOSELY for the waves on-deck announcements.**

5. The exit to the transition area is through the main door (near where you exit the water).

6. ENTER TIMING CHECKPOINT #1 “BIKE OUT”---It will be clearly marked.


1. Put on your helmet and fasten it before getting on your bike. You will not be allowed to leave the bike transition area until your helmet is on properly and fastened. 

2. DO NOT get on your bike until you reach or pass the "GET ON BIKE HERE" sign.

3. The course is marked by signs, marking paint, and volunteers.---Look for these to guide you.

4. Bottles of water will be available approximately half way through the course.

5. No drafting is allowed.

6. Pass safely and quickly, when you need to do it.

7. Get off your bike at the "GET OFF BIKE HERE" sign.

8. ENTER TIMING CHECKPOINT #2 “BIKE IN” - It will be clearly marked.

9. Keep your helmet on until you reach the bike rack.

10. Return your bike to the assigned bike rack matching your race number.


1. Put your paper race number on the front of your shirt before exiting the transition area.

2. Look for the exit to the run and follow the pink arrows and caution tape, up to get you started.

3. You must run in the marked area.

4. There will be flags, signs, and volunteers to guide you.

5. You will run through the City of Waterloo including scenic Firemens' park.

6. Water will be available on the course.

7. The finish line is on the high school track – you will take one lap around to the finish.

8. After you cross the finish line, please return your timing chip to the volunteer collecting them.


**Please turn your timing chip in at finish line.

**Food and drink for all participants will be located in the large 20x20 tent near the finish.

**We will have people taking pictures throughout the day. We will post a link where you may purchase pictures a few days after the race. Check out our FB page and blog for more info. 

**We will have a lost and found pile at the finish.

**Awards and door prizes to be given out following the adults race at approx. 10:00 a.m. and the kids race at approx. time 12:30.... Great door prizes!!! Must be present to win!!

**Great concessions will be available as well: early morning coffee, bagels, donuts, hard boiled eggs starting at 6 a.m. and starting at 9:30 – Sandwiches, snacks, soda, etc.

**Race Results as available will be posted on the back of building next to where athletes exited the pool to go to transition. Basically the back of the building. Final race results will be posted at www.timingiseverything.com, www.watfitcitytri.blogspot.com and our Facebook page.

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